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Ozhybko Khrystyna
Instrument: vocal

Instrument: vocal. From the very beginning, I knew that I would become a singer - it was my dream. At school I participated in various vocal and dance competitions and attended an actor's circle. At one time he was fond of journalism and practiced in one of the local newspapers, but the thirst for music won. Since then, I am seriously engaged in vocals, I write my own compositions and lyrics to songs. One of my tracks of the band "100 Minutes" fell into the rotation of Ukrainian music channels: M1, M2, Music Box and Ru-Music

Popyk Mykhaylo
Instrument: bass guitar, bass keys

"I am engaged in music from the 5th grade, and bass guitar has devoted all my life, so I very delicately feel this wonderful instrument that combines the rhythm, melody, harmony and creates the soil into one powerful and drive mix! Now I am the director of the recording studio" 100 Minutes ", a music producer, author of numerous remixes and my own compositions. My songs under the stage name" Mike 2Night "are rotated on various radio stations:" Kiss FM "," Favorite Radio "and others. Together with my beloved wife, the vocalist of the group, we make a duo "100 Minutes" - which in 2015, thanks to its talent pop into the rotation of M1, M2, Ru-music channels - with the composition "Losing Control"

Popyk Pavlo
Instrument: Drums

Vibrant, expressive and impulsive - the one that should be a true drummer !!! However, behind the scene, usually calm. I have been doing music for over 14 years. Capturing heavy years, jazz, and funky led me to the game of percussion musical instruments. Also, under the pseudonym "Sanani" I create my own Trance-style electronic music, which is issued by foreign record labels all over the world. My songs can be bought at the world's largest music stores: iTunes, Amazon, Beatport. The main motto in life - do what you like. Dream is a bicycle tour of Asian countries for many months. Sources of inspiration - cycling, travel, nature.

Koval Vitaliy
Instrument: Drums

He grew up in a musical family, so I sing from my childhood. I began to study music professionally for seven years when I went to a music school. Later he graduated from the musical college. Solomia Krushelnytska. After that he continued his studies at TNPU. V. Hnatyuk, where he learned the skills of teaching vocals. Participant of "X-Factor" and finalist of the All-Ukrainian Festival "Chervona Ruta". I am fond of model business, I have faced not one giant. On the podium he presented clothing from such famous Ukrainian brands as Voronin, Lidia Yanitska, and others. For me, the performance is an opportunity to present you real bright emotions and create an atmosphere of family comfort in the hall. .

Porada Serhiy
Instrument: Guitar!

I've been playing music for over 20 years. Since childhood parents have raised in me the love for her. He graduated from the musical school with a class of violin. Graduated from TNPU, specializing in music teacher, teacher of guitar. He was a participant in many projects that worked in different styles: from hard rock to jazz. I love music and I can not imagine without it my life, because music carries good emotions and makes people a little happier! And when you give it to people, when you see how everyone dances - there is magic, there is an exchange of energy. Music is without borders as a soul!

Syrnyk Andriy
Tool: keys, back-vocals

I play for the piano from six years old. Since childhood he loved music and always dreamed of becoming a musician. Tool and talent came from my father. Therefore, from the earliest years he showed to the instrument no matter what interest, this led to the fact that the muses. the school took me right away to the third grade. Serious work resulted in a lot of awards in all-Ukrainian and international competitions. At leisure I write music, I'm doing sound design, I create soundtracks for films. I adore live performances, always under any circumstances, I play the game 100%! Music gives me vital powers, turns dreams into reality.


When you get acquainted with 100 Minutes, you will become real friends for many years! The crazy energy of the band, musical skill, artistic performances, and of course, the spectacular and stylish appearance of the soloists is the key to the success of your wedding or any other event! Christine's bright and unique voice, Vitali's expressive timbre in conjunction with live music allow us to make our repertoire unique. Our team will perform as pop hits of the 80's and super-modern tracks as well, singing in Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages. We professionally perform such compositions, which other performers do not even consider! True high-quality live music is the foundation of every festive event. We are a cover group from Ternopil, but we work with pleasure throughout the territory of both Ukraine and Europe.

Charming vocalists

Charming singers - this is our main trump card! Kristina - a media vocalist, author of her own texts and songs - a professional of her business, this is the heart of the band, her talent has no limits! The voice of this top-level vocalist is unique. We are 100% sure that having heard her live, you fall in love with this original and powerful vocal! Elegant, and sometimes tempting, dresses of our beautiful, bright scenic image and great work with the hall will pleasantly surprise you. Vitali is a singer with an unusual tone of voice and a large set of roles in which he is ready to appear on your wedding, corporative or any saint! Girls are crazy about his beauty, and his strong and technical singing is a delight! To us, if you want to have a party on your holiday with a charming soloist, who has a beautiful, beautiful voice and a vocalist who, with his confidence and charisma, will lead the whole hall, and the dance floor will make him sing and dance from the soul!

Individual approach

An individual approach is our credo. We take into account all the wishes of each client, provide good and experienced recommendations. Professional musicians 100 Minutes do not use phonograms, "minuses", so every group performance at the wedding, holy, jubilee is a complete emotional and professional return on all 100 percent! In the inexhaustible repertoire of the cover band, there are musical compositions for any, even the most demanding, taste. Hits of domestic and foreign music in live performance of artists will add to your holiday a special chic!

It is convenient with us because the cover group is 100 Minutes - they are asi in their business, who are fully responsible for the result of their work! We provide all the necessary technical support for speeches - sound and light equipment, stage and led-screen, etc. See how our base looks great and powerful. TECHNICAL SUPPORT For a wedding or any event, we enter into an agreement to perform musical accompaniment and give a chance to make a cashless payment. 100 Minutes - a cover group that can meet the needs of the most demanding public!

Reviews of the newlyweds

Serhiy ta Marʺyana
Ternopil, restaurant Art Avenu

My wife and I are very pleased and grateful for the cool atmosphere. Everything was very professional and driveable. Friends are still asking for you and asking for your contacts! Thank you again!

Veronica and Vitaliy
Bukovel, Hotel Radisson Blu Resort

The group is 100 minutes long - talented friendly people and an organized super team of professionals who made our holiday memorable and fun. Thank you for being with us this day!

Irina and Yuri
Lviv, restaurant Halytska Korona

A great band that really knows how to light the audience !!! Wonderful and high-quality performance of songs, excellent light effects have created our holiday unique. Therefore, if someone wants to organize an unforgettable event - then the band "100 Minutes" is an ideal choice! Thank you again!

Diana and Paul
Khmelnitsky, a hospitable courtyard of VET

Khmelnitsky, a hospitable courtyard of VET...

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