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Professionalism! The band "100 Minutes" has selected musicians who live music and have been engaged in it since childhood. We have been in the market for wedding services for 7 years and our warehouse has not changed since the day it was founded. We are loyal friends. We are in love with our work - we are a family, and therefore we work reliably and coherently. We know everything about the wedding!

Quality of performance! Good performance first! Each musician has a musical education and devoted his life to music. Every day we spend time for classes and rehearsals. We own our own music studio in the very center of the city of Ternopil, where we work over ourselves and create music!

 Sound quality! We work on the JPL, Sennheiser, Shure, top-of-the-range sound equipment manufactured by USA, England ... To provide the best sound at the concert, we have put so much effort into that very great achievement. At all events, our own sound engineer with more than 25 years of experience is working with us - this is the seventh person in the group! According to him, cooperation with such giants of the Ukrainian and Russian scene as Okean Elzy, Valery Meladze, Iryna Bilyk, Druha Rika, K. Orbakaite, V. Serdyuchka (Danilko), Volodymyr Kuzmin and others. One of the first in Ukraine began to use in-ear monitoring, which provides pure sound in the room, not noise from the scene! The total cost of the equipment, which we will bring to you, is approximately 1500000-3000000 UAH. Better than we will not sound any cover band!

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Appearance. For us, this is another very important part of the whole system, called 100 Minutes. We love to dress stylishly and fashionably! Even in everyday life, we follow the fashion to stay in the trend. Therefore, high-quality classic brand clothing is always present at any event, whether it's a wedding or corporate party. You will be sure that we will look for a million!

A few more words. High proficiency in English. You will not be ashamed of foreign guests for awkward English. You can hear it in our videos where there is practically no accent. Favorite English-language songs will sound like they should sound. Each of our performance at the wedding is a separate show, we break your guests, the vocalists light, entertain and witty joke from the stage, all in order for you to have the maximum fun, drive. We roll off the most obscure audience, everyone dances us! We have held more than 250 weddings and corporate events, performances on big sites, city days, youth days. Performances at pubs and restaurants we stopped counting at the 800th mark. Concerts were opened with motor shows and nightclubs. Worked at thousands of corporations with star guests and high-ranking officials! We have the strength of any holiday! Order us!

Scene appearance!

This is a minimal set of stage equipment, with which we work on all events, whether it is a modest fan or a wedding. With such technical support, we will come to you!

Technical parameters

The sound power is from 5 kW, 40 light devices are located on two farms, the front of the farm scene - 6 meters and 20 light devices, behind the scene - a four-meter farm, which has a LED screen (4x3 meters) and various light fixtures. Also, we always have a smoke machine with us, an LED podium for drums - the perfect look of the scene. All equipment is managed by a professional sound engineer and lighting engineer, which is an integral part of the team.
Our minimum set of stage equipment will meet the needs of the most sophisticated events. This is our pride, over the quality of which we have been working for years! From this top scene you will be delighted! All that remains for you, it is detached with us and guests! This scene will turn your institution into a nightclub! Check out our live performances on various weddings to see how cool everything works. You will feel at a great concert, and all because we try for you!

Additional stage equipment

Every holiday we come individually! Any part of our scene can be replaced, make it only the best. This applies to the light, the LED screen, and the various elements of the show and effects. Here's how your holiday might look like at an additional cost. On this stage, X-Factor is played and stars are performing. We are happy to provide this level of holidays! Therefore, if you have a star guest on your holiday, we will take all the technical support for you!


To make sure you have the best cover band work - just compare us with other groups, compare prices, look at ours and their live performances at weddings, photos, social networks. Pay attention to the shape of the scene and the clothes of musicians and vocalists, how many light technology, and behind the scene (empty wall, or element of the show, as our LED screen). Pay attention to how people dance is the most important! Trust the wedding only for professionals! We wish you success in your choice! To meet at the wedding!

Questions and Answers

Here we will answer the most important questions about organizing weddings!

In what part will the group come to the wedding?

The musical collective has been unchanged since 2011. 100 Minutes - 6 musicians: male and female vocals, keyboards, bass, drums and guitar! Also, we always have a sound engineer and lighting engineer with us.

What kind of music is suitable for a wedding?

We always compile the previous playlist for each wedding individually, taking into account the ratio of different age-generation guests. The repertoire almost always changes during the wedding, because it is impossible to predict 100% of which songs will be danced by the public. During the speech, we analyze the behavior of people, pick up their mood and play what the guests are currently in need of. This is a whole science, so just trust us with this question and you will always have fun on the dance floor! To summarize, modern songs, retro 80-90s, compositions from Modern Talking, Boney-M, Tom Jones will not leave anyone indifferent, from youth to those over fifty. The group's repertoire also includes polka, waltz and folk songs for the older generation. Songs from the groups Dzidzio, Scriabin, TIK, OE, wake up anyone, raise the most demanding dance floor, create a mood of fun and drive.

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All these hits in our impeccable performance and with insanely energy will simply tear the dance floor! With you there will be a team with a lot of experience in this matter and the largest list of compositions among Ukrainian band-bands. We know how to create a mood and love to work with the public, and this is the most important thing! DOWNLOAD REPERTURE

How long does the group's performance last?

For each wedding or corporate event, the performance is calculated individually. In most cases, there are enough 3-4 branches for 45-55 minutes. Some people may think that there are 4 blocks of 45 inches, which is very small. But let's check! Below is an example of a small graphical timing, so that you can see that 4 blocks are enough until 1.00. And if you have a more saturated program that can have appearances from different teams, a show fighter, tricks, launching balls or flashlights - then everything goes on for a while!

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Will the group come to another city?

Cover group 100 Minutes is located in the city of Ternopil. But we stand all over Ukraine. During the years of the band's existence, we have been touring more than 100 cities of Ukraine and 7 countries of the world. Therefore, we will happily come to Lviv, Kiev or make a flight from Warsaw to Amsterdam!

How is the process of preparing for a performance at a wedding?

The group arrives on your holiday 5 hours before it starts. During this time our machines install all the necessary equipment, adjust it. Musicians make a sound check. The team is ready to speak 1-2 hours before the start of the holiday.

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Can the band change their attitudes and costumes during a wedding performance?

Of course, but we do negotiate a prepayment and a separate payment. Our vocalist can change the outfits of each block, dress in a dress from Sherri Hill or Jovani and it will definitely be spectacular. To add more show elements to the performance and make your holiday more diverse, we can make one or several blocks of music of different eras. DISCO 80s - This performance is in wigs and is accompanied by "disco" music (Boney M, Ottawan, Michael Jackson). The image of the gangster, the Rock'n'Roll (Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry). Stylish looking image of 90's, musicians go over to the police and entertain you with hits from 2 Unlimited, La Bouche and others. There is also a rock image. All these images carry their spirits and energy, all of them you can see in our promo video "Hits 80-90 and Rock". Any of the images will be a very good addition to the main performance. Just listen to your heart and choose what's closest to you! This show will not be offered to you by any more cover band in Ukraine!

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Do you have a presenter? Do you have a wedding?

We have dedicated professional musicians and music to music, as well as leading musicians. To become true professionals and to make a wedding, you need to put a lot of effort. Everything in life will not fade, you need to choose something for the sake of a good result. We chose music, so we do not have a wedding, but we can recommend a good presenter. Recently, many people abandon the leader and trust the mood of the evening only to musicians - we are ready to help you with this difficult task for you and take some responsibilities of the leader on ourselves!

Do you provide a prepayment document?

Cover Group 100 Minutes at your request works by contract! All key points are indicated in it, signed by the director of the team and sent to you by mail or scanned and sent electronically! An example of the contract you can download here! DOWNLOAD THE AGREEMENT. But even without a contract you have nothing to worry about! We strive for you! You can be sure - we are decent and responsible. We have an impeccable reputation and we want to save it!

How to book a group and book a date?

You can order the group by calling 098-573-20-20 or 098-60-36-195, or go to the contact section and find out more information. To book a wedding date you will need to sign an agreement and make a prepayment (20-30% of the total cost) upon agreement. Also during a wedding in Ukraine or abroad you will need to keep a small household rider! DOWNLOAD RAIDER.